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Support Virginia Beach Light Rail

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Vote Yes on November 8th to support the Virginia Beach light rail.
This project is an extension of the Tide light rail system from Newtown Road to Virginia Beach’s Town Center, a step needed for the creation of a transit system that traverses the Southside of Hampton Roads.The light rail will curb future congestion, keep the economy moving, promote smart growth and ultimately improve the quality of life.
Extending The Tide from Norfolk into Virginia Beach is something needed for the future of Virginia Beach.  The light rail carries more than 4,900 riders per weekday, and the extension is expected to carry 2,250 more riders. I-264 between Witchduck and Independence carries 50,000 vehicles during peak morning and evening travel. Taking  cars off the road will benefit all residents. Benefits include positive effects on health and well-being, increasing social connections, creating a safer commute, improving air quality, increasing physical activity, and improving productivity.