To Win Big on Election Day, We Need Your Help

By Will Sullivan, Field Director


We’re in the home stretch.
The future of Virginia and our environment is in our hands. We must all take action in the few days remaining before the election so our commonwealth has a governor who will stand up to Trump and make Virginia a leader in state-driven conservation solutions.

Together we can defeat climate science denier Ed Gillespie. Sign up to volunteer in the critical days ahead!






Tuesday November 7 is election day, and the next 10 days are the most important time to volunteer. During your volunteer shift, you will be calling voters on the phone or knocking on their doors. Experienced staffers will begin each 2-hour volunteer shift with a quick training on how to have a great conversation with a voter and persuade them to vote for Ralph Northam and other pro-environment candidates.


You can make the difference. The Trump Administration has launched an all-out assault on the environmental protections that keep Virginians healthy and make our communities great places to live. But we’re not backing down.


These next four days, we’ll be working hard to elect a governor who cares about Virginia’s environment and who will stand up to Donald Trump. Join us!


Volunteer in your neighborhood and Get Out The Vote!


Visit to find the location nearest you to volunteer and do your part.





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