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Attorney General Cuccinelli, Virginia’s biggest climate skeptic and biggest bully, has now lost twice in his frivious legal challenges to global warming. In the process, he has frittered away about $1 million dollars on these ideologically driven lawsuits at a time when the state is cutting funds for education, health care and environmental protections.

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First it was Cuccinelli’s lawsuit against the University of Virginia alleging that prominent climate scientist Michael Mann had defrauded the state when he used state funds as a UVA faculty member to do climate research. That suit was thrown out with a strong rebuke from the Virginia Supreme Court.

As idiotic, ridulous and offensive as the UVA lawsuit was, our bigger victory came just last Tuesday when the DC Circuit Court threw out Cuccinelli’s lawsuit challenging the US Environmental Protection Administration’s finding that climate change did endanger public health. This “endangerment finding” is key because it allows the EPA to go on to adopt actual standards to reduce greenhouse gases like the pending carbon limit on new coal fired power plants.

While many take pleasure in these defeats of Mr. Cuccinelli, the reality is that he will be the likely Republican nominee for Governor. Sierra Club is gearing up for this fight! We will be cooperating up with other groups that have been the subject of extremist right wing attacks by Mr. Cuccinelli, the LBGT community and Planned Parenthood, for example, to make sure that Mr. Cuccinelli’s reign of right wing intimidation ends in 2013.

But to build that war chest we will need your financial support for our Sierra Club Political Action Committee. Please help us build our political war chest to make sure that every Virginian knows of Cuccinelli’s radical anti-environmental agenda. With your contribution of $25 or more, we’ll send you a bumper sticker that lets every one that Climate Change is real and Cuccinelli is hoax.

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