Sierra Club Endorses Mark Herring for Attorney General

Mark Herring has served in Virginia’s Senate since 2006, and his record shows consistent protection of our air, water, and open spaces, as well as support for investment in clean energy. In December of 2012, Senator Herring was one of the first Virginia leaders to take a strong public stand opposing efforts to end Virginia’s ban on uranium mining. In 2013, Mark introduced budget language that would have prohibited any state funding from being used to promulgate regulations designed to circumvent the ban. Mark has also been a consistent advocate for clean and efficient energy, introducing bills to strengthen Renewable Portfolio Standard goals and reduce energy consumption.

Mark is running to take the politics out of the Attorney General’s office, put the law first and be an Attorney General who serves all Virginians. In sharp contrast to the current administration, where an activist A.G. has abused the power of the office for political gain, Mark will be guided by the law and by science, not political ideology. In the face of extremism, Mark believes it’s important to stand firm for Virginia’s values. He will continue to oppose lifting Virginia’s ban on uranium mining and work to enforce common sense laws that protect our air, water and open space.

Sierra Club urges you to vote for Mark Herring for Attorney General on November 5.

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