Dan Sze

  Falls Church City Council

Bio: Dan Sze is an incumbent running for re-election to an at-large seat on the Falls Church City Council. Dan has been a highly reliable supporter of environmental issues the past four years. He is the City Council liaison to the Environmental Sustainability Council, and Energy Transition Subcommittee (citizen advisory groups) and regularly attends and actively participates in these meetings. He voted for the resolution to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. He voted for the City to sign the Mayor’s Climate Resolution. He was responsible for an ordinance that established an incentive for developers to add a solar project to their proposals. Dan has recently been chair of MWCOG’s Chesapeake Bay Policy Committee, and is also the City’s representative on MWCOG’s CEEPC committee. He is currently chair of Virginia Municipal League’s Environmental Quality committee, and also serves on their legislative committee.

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