Brent Finnegan

  District: HD-26

Bio: Brent has spent his life serving communities across the Shenandoah Valley. Raised in Broadway, Virginia, Brent lives in Harrisonburg where he serves on the Planning Commission. He has volunteered by teaching citizenship classes at Skyline Literacy and raising funds for Our Community Place. As a filmmaker, Brent worked at WVPT where he produced documentaries. He also started an online news service to provide diverse viewpoints in a town with only one newspaper. Brent now works at the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services at JMU, where he collaborates with local educators and health professionals to develop and fund programs that reduce drug abuse and teen pregnancy and support rural health initiatives. He has been a strong opponent of hydro-fracking and the pipelines. In his words, “It makes no sense to invest $5 billion dollars in new infrastructure and endanger the well-being of the citizens and ecological health of the Valley to support a dying energy system. That money should be going into green energy development.” If elected, Brent will be a strong voice for environmental protection.



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P.O. Box 1035 Harrisonburg, VA 22803



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